5 Methods to Improve your Website Lead Generation Strategies During COVID-19

In this article you will learn how to increase lead generation your website in five simple steps.

The COVID-19 pandemic is presenting many struggles to businesses during these unprecidented times. Not least in terms of lead generation.

For example, how do you:

  • move business forward and get your organization in front of qualified prospects?
  • Grab their attention during downtime?
  • Catch their interest for your product or service?
  • Acquire them, as a marketing qualified lead?

It is essential to build and execute smart website lead generation strategies to help your organisation adapt to the challenging situation and improve demand in a short period of time.

A lead generating website is a marketing tool that will promote your business or association all day, every day. It never takes a break or vacation. It also works on holidays and even during a pandemic.

Even if it may be difficult to drive revenue now, you can still generate leads that will pay off when the recovery comes. You can improve your response rate by retargeting your audience, reallocate budgets for digital and offer virtual events.

Even if your website and social media profiles show up when customers are searching for information, you need to consider that many visitors who come to your site are not ready to buy. It is essential that you are able to capture their information in order to follow up with them later and improving your website lead generation strategy.

Follow these tips to maximize your lead generation efforts during COVID-19:

1: Leverage Digital Channels

As the threat of coronavirus continues, use your digital channels to reach out to your audience and keep them engaged. Take advantage of social media’s ability to interact with prospects on a personal level.

Take advantage of the built-in lead generation features like hashtags and live streaming that are offered by many social networks.

Which social media platform is best for your business? –  Test each one for three months to see which one generates the most leads.

2: Create Lead Generation Forms that Convert

Think about your customer and how they interact with your website.  Provide clear calls-to-action on your most important website pages. Include your phone number on your website and social media platforms. Make it easy for your customers to contact you. Depending on your sales process, leveraging your phone number as a call to action could be the perfect option.

Don’t forget to add a simple, branded contact form. This will help the user easily complete them. Additionaly, you can also include contact forms on more than just the website contact page. Landing pages for your specific products and services are good locations for contact forms.

3: Provide Gated Content

Right now, people are home in isolation with time to spare. Content is a great way to guide users to a landing page. If you have valuable content, whitepapers, case studies, blogs, or webinars to share, those are valuable resources during this downtime and excellent lead generation magnets.

Repurpose your content so it is fitting for the current times and make it available on social media to help gather relevant leads. Consumers are looking for valuable information, and it’s your website’s job to provide it. Answer frequently asked questions and entice them to learn more. This can be facilitated by offering expanded information and education for download through a lead capture form.

4: Host Virtual Events

With so many events canceled and postponed due to COVID-19, replace in-person events with virtual conferences or offer a webinar. Bring your business solutions to your customers’ homes. Not only do virtual events require minimal equipment, but they are engaging and easy to host. And, the good news is virtual events like webinars help you establish trust and credibility as a thought leader while capturing high-quality leads. Attendees are most likely to have a need for the solutions or services you are offering.

Don’t forget to create a landing page, an important piece of the lead generation puzzle, that tells visitors why they should attend your event. Your branded landing page also needs to be designed to collect basic information like a registrant’s name, email and phone number.

5: Test and Measure

All lead generation campaigns need to be tested to make them better over time—lead generation strategies can always be tweaked and improved. If you’re not testing and measuring, you’re going to severely diminish your chances of increasing traffic and conversions. Test everything including your website design, landing pages, headlines, calls-to-action and subject lines.

There are many tools that can assist you in understanding your metrics on a deeper level, consider these:

  • HotJar– Enables you to test website performance, to see how visitors are really using your website and collect user feedback.
  • Google Optimize– Offers A/B testing, website testing and personalization tools to help deliver engaging customer experiences.
  • Google Analytics– Helps you understand where your traffic is coming from, along with what visitors are doing on your website and across landing pages.
Website lead generation is crucial to successful digital marketing campaigns. The days of just having an informational website are gone. You must have a website that’s a lead generation machine, along with a strong marketing strategy, to turn leads into qualified prospects.

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